Kalina Anežka

Remarkable atmosphere combined with top notch gastronomy and accompanied by excellent wines. That’s Kalina Anežka restaurant. The beautiful interior in the 13th century Anežka Monastery brings the ideal combination of new and old. In addition to a wonderful food and wine experience, Anežka offers an art collection in the honor of the National Gallery. Under the leadership of the well-known chef Mirek Kalina, Anežka brings a cuisine inspired by that of France and Italy, with an emphasis on fresh seasonal food and balanced flavors. The experience is completed with our selection of wines from around the world and the Czech Republic, hand-picked by our professional sommelier Vít Hepnar.


“I like to pamper my guests. That’s why they enjoy honest luxury on the plate and in the glass without pretentious gestures. We focus on the delicate combination of wine and food, which can be enjoyed by an experienced gourmet, a wine lover, but also anyone who wants to experience something spectacular. Come visit us to get a taste of our collection of wines from Champagne and other famous French regions.”

Miroslav Kalina

In the early days, Kalina drew inspiration from around Europe. He completed his apprenticeships in Germany, Norway, and in France and he even worked alongside three-star chefs such as Les Prés dʽEugenie’s. He has become a renowned fish preparation expert as well as the go to venison chef. Nevertheless, he returns to the Czech cuisine, which he enriches with his own ideas. Mirek Kalina believes that the Czech cuisine is unique in the world namely thanks to its sophisticated sauces and refined soups that you won’t find anywhere else. In Prague, he worked in acclaimed restaurants before opening his own. They were Bazaar, Aqua, Kampapark, the Hoffmeister Hotel. He also teamed up with the architect Bořek Šípek took on the tough challenge to open Šípek Bistrot, a bistro for the most demanding gourmet clientele in the country. Miroslav also starred in the popular cooking TV show MasterChef, two years in a row.